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Frequently Asked Questions and Myths


Q. What is hypnosis?  

A. Hypnosis is a natural state in which you access your powerful sub-conscious mind in order to make positive changes.  


Q. Can I be hypnotized?

A. Because hypnosis is a natural state everyone is capable of being hypnotized and has at some point gone into a trance. For example, if you ever watched a movie and felt like you were there, felt the emotions or lost track of where you were – you experienced a form of hypnosis. Have you ever driven from one place to another and wondered “how did I get here”, you were in a trance. Learning to relax the thinking critical part of your brain takes practice, the more you practice the easier it becomes.  

Q. How does hypnosis work?

A. Hypnosis is a technique that communicates with the subconscious mind while the conscious mind is in a relaxed state. Hypnosis allows the conscious mind to be quiet while accessing the subconscious mind.  Though very relaxed you may return to a fully alert state if needed or when you are ready.  When accessing the subconscious directly, positive suggestions that align with a person's belief system can be accepted as new reality.  Hypnosis enables the subconscious mind to agree with the changes the conscious mind wants to make.  Your patterns, habits, behaviors, and beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind.  Hypnosis is a powerful tool to allow you access to your sub-conscious mind allowing you to make the changes necessary to move forward and create the life you want.

Q. Will I lose control? 

A. No, your subconscious mind will not act upon any suggestions that would violate your ethical and moral codes.  You, the client, are always in control. Hypnosis is not something that is done to us and the hypnotist is not in control of the client. Rather than being out of control the client actually has greater control over their own mind and actions. Hypnosis continues only if you are in agreement with what is being said and done. If you are not in agreement, you will automatically disregard the suggestion or come out of the trance state. 

Q. Will I reveal my secrets?

A. Only if you choose to reveal them.  In a hypnotic, trance, state, your subconscious mind will protect your secrets unless you choose to tell them.    

Q. Can I get stuck in trance? 

A. No, it will not happen. Although it is true that the hypnotic state is so pleasant that many clients want to spend more time there, the client is always capable of coming out of the trance state whenever they want to return to a fully aware state. If you were to drift off to sleep, you will simply wake up just like you would from a nap. 

Q. Can the hypnotist make me do something against my will?

 A. No, your subconscious mind is very protective of you and would not accept any suggestions that would be harmful to you, that do not align with your values or which would cause you significant embarrassment. Hypnotherapy is not entertainment, the funny things people for a stage hypnotist is only because they are willing. Stage hypnotists choose people who will give them the best performance. and are usually extraverts who would not be greatly embarrassed by doing silly things on stage.  

Q. Is hypnosis safe? 

A. Yes. Hypnosis is a simple, natural state of mind that offers you the opportunity to access and program the powerful subconscious level of your mind. You participate in the process. You say only what you want to say and you remember what is important to remember.   

Q. How many sessions will it take? 

A. It depends, many desired changes or issues can be addressed in 3-4 sessions along with individual work between sessions.  It really depends on the client and the change desired. By the end of several sessions you will have learned how to utilize self-hypnosis and continue to do work some work on your own.  It is important to keep in mind that change takes time and effort. Though hypnosis is a powerful tool it is not  

Q. Where do hypnosis session take place? 

A.  I offer hypnosis in Colorado Springs. I also offer hypnosis in Buena Vista, CO. 

Myths about Hypnosis

Myth 1: Hypnosis is the same as sleep. 

Not true, entering a hypnotic trance is a state of heightened concentration.  

Myth 2: You can’t lie while in hypnosis.


The truth is while hypnotized you are still in full control of your faculties. If your mind believes a lie will protect you then you will be able to lie. 

Myth 3: You have never been hypnotized. 

The truth is most people have experienced at least a mild form of hypnosis or trance state. For example, driving on the highway for long distance and feeling disassociated from your body? Like driving on auto pilot, your sub-conscious mind takes care of the technical task of driving while your conscious mind is free to roam and wander freely. 

Myth 4: Hypnosis is mind control. 

Not true. The hypnotist will work with you to create positive suggestions and help re-frame thinking patterns. However, you remain in full control at all times. If you hear a suggestion that you don’t agree with or don’t understand, your subconscious mind will automatically reject it. 

Myth 5: Hypnosis is some form of Black Magic or is Supernatural

Hypnotherapists are not psychics nor are they palm readers with special abilities. Hypnosis has been scientifically studied and effectively used for centuries by famous doctors & psychologists such as Dr. Sigmund Freud, Dr. Carl Jung, Dr. Milton Erickson and Dr. Franz Mesmer.